Tips for Dressing Up Your Dog for Howl-O-Ween

As dog owners, we know there's nothing more entertaining than dressing up our furry friends for Halloween. Here are some tips to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable, and has almost as much fun as you do!

1. Choose a costume they can move in freely. And obviously, nothing that would hamper breathing or vision or that could scratch, impale, or otherwise injure your pooch. 

2. Let the dog sniff the costume and give it a good once over to make them more comfortable with the whole idea. 

3. Lie the costume over their back or belly, then give them a treat and lots of praise. Do this several times and have fun!

4. Finally, put the costume on the dog and tell them how stunning or handsome they look (and keep up the treats!)

5. Some dogs love costumes - others don't! A simple, creative sweater or t-shirt is sometimes enough to steal the show.